Service A is an educational Full CG Film created for the Mercedes-Benz after-sales customer experience. Rendered in photorealistic 4K resolution, the animation takes clients through the maintenance procedures, underscoring the brand's commitment to delivering reliability in every vehicle. The video serves as an informative tool for clients when their Service A is due, enhancing their understanding of the maintenance process and showcasing Mercedes-Benz's dedication to top-notch service.


Service A

Design & Direction

Studio Float

Creative team

Janis Aschberger, Gero Eckhardt, Paul Kusmaul, Oskar Fülöp


Martin Fütterer



Our approach began with an atmospheric intro, setting the tone for an cinematic experience.
In the main part, where the service is explained, we produced a dynamic sequence through match cuts, stylized visuals and a lively voice-over. The intention was to keep the viewer engaged and entertained, maintaining a varied and dynamic visual presentation.