In collaboration with the agency "Walking On The Moon", we got to work on a project to introduce the new Fortec series by KUKA.
The agency's initial concept provided a foundation for us to creatively showcase the industrial robot.

Design & Direction

Studio Float

Creative team

Janis Aschberger, Martin Fütterer, Gero Eckhardt


Martin Fütterer


Walking On The Moon



Lighting emerged as a cornerstone of our visual language.The rhythm of the edit and the fluidity of the animation further contributed to an engaging narrative.

We leaned into anamorphic lenses and film grain to weave a texture that merges the industrial with the luxurious, while the strategic use of long exposure shots introduced a captivating visual layer.

This project puts the Fortec in the spotlight as an industry icon, all while we had fun creating these visual stories.


Styleframes we created for the visual development for the new Fortec.